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Why Your Estimates Are Wrong – Estimation and Projection

When it comes to any web or software development, clients like to have some idea of what they’re paying for before they commit to a contract. They frequently fail, however, to ask the right questions, running headlong into the wrong ones, of which asking for a fixed price estimate being one of the worst. Estimates […]

7 of the Hottest Travel Themes for WordPress in 2017 Featured Cover Image

7 of the Best Free Travel Themes for WordPress in 2017

As a digital nomad that is constantly looking and exploring new destinations, you need an outstanding website to go along with your journeys. You need a place where you can share your adventures with your audience and earn money from it. WordPress made our dream of having a travel broadcasting medium a reality. Today, you […]

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What Exactly is a Pixel Perfect Design?

Every industry has its own terminology that people use to communicate certain aspects of it. Some of these are essential to conveying thoughts, ideas and processes to one another. Others become outdated and fall into the category of “buzzwords” that are thrown about by people trying to make themselves look knowledgeable. These words, terms or […]

The Business Manager’s Guide to Building Your First Website

The online revolution has literally redefined how most small, medium and large scale business operates. Online product catalogues, Shopify stores, online sales & discount packages, social media marketing, predictive analysis, cross-selling campaigns – the possibilities and span of customer coverage has multiplied several folds. A majority of my friends, most of whom are first-time business […]

But What if My Job Doesn’t Allow Me to Work Remotely?

Have you ever dreamed of heading off to start a new and more exciting life somewhere else? Most of us occasionally think about spicing up our lives with a dramatic change of scenery. However, for many people it never gets past the stage of day-dreaming on the commute to work or while trying to not […]

Win Big on Google without Being Number One

Of course, you want to dominate your niche. But did you know that you might rake in the profits just by rocking the boat? It was 2013. I had a new client and my goal was to get my client’s company to rank #1 on Google for our primary keywords. We were starting out with […]

How Much Do Things Cost in Thailand?

Thailand is a paradise for many foreigners—both to visit as a tourist and to live and work. I’ve been here since 2014 and, with a warm, sunny climate, great food, lots of things to do and see—and, of course, the welcoming, friendly Thai people—it’s no surprise to me that many visitors hanker to stay on or […]

How to Deal with Rude Clients on Upwork

Rude people can be found anywhere, and if they are the ones paying you for a certain Upwork job, chances are they could end up believing themselves to be your Upwork gods. Sadly, you cannot crucify them or break coconut on their heads no matter how strong the temptation. Here are my 10 tips of wisdom […]

Bluehost vs SiteGround vs WP Engine

When you set up a WordPress website or an E-commerce store, you’re going to need a hosting account and a domain name. Which hosting account should you choose? I have to admit that this is a really tough question. There are so many different hosting providers out there that even some experienced users have a hard time […]

Sorry, It’s not Quite Ready Yet…

We are still working on this course. Enter your email below for an exclusive early bird discount when it’s released.

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Sorry, It’s not Quite Ready Yet…

We are still working on this course. Enter your email below for an exclusive early bird discount when it’s released.

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