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What this free course has to offer:

This course is broken down into 4 separate modules.

Creating a Presence Online

It's important as a freelancer that you establish a presence online. In the first part of the course, I'll show you how to do this and why this vital to your freelancing success.

Generating Leads

Lead generation is possibly the most overlooked aspect of any businesses. In the second part of the course, I'll show you how to establish a consistent and steady supply of leads online.

Sales Automation

Are you wasting time on things that can be automated? In the third part of the course, I'll show you how to automate large portions of your sales process, without hiring additional staff.

Secure High Paying Clients

With large parts of your sales process becoming automated. In the final part of the course, I'll show you how to focus your precious time and energy on what really matters; making sales.

Bretts course was amazing, the scope of the content he covers is astounding. I really still cannot believe this is free!

A message from the author

I've been freelancing for most of my adult life but it wasn't until 2015 that I decided to take my freelancing business online and start work remotely.

I created this course because I know that if a freelancing business is managed correctly, it's is not only a low-cost investment but an opportunity for anyone looking to travel, to gain more freedom and ultimately jack in that boring 9 to 5.

This course is my attempt at delivering what I feel is missing from the freelance education space.

Throughout my years as a freelancer, nobody ever taught me the business side of freelancing and what it actually takes to run a sustainable and profitable business online.

I had to learn most of what I know through trial and error.

This course offers a free step-by-step approach that'll teach you exactly how to succeed financially as a freelancer.

In contrast to the typical freelancing courses that you may have already come across. The material here is original, unique and formed entirely from my own experiences.

Over the coming weeks; I'll teach you how to let the market dictate and drive your rates up.

I'll also demonstrate that when you have multiple prospects looking to hire you, it becomes easy to secure high paying clients and you can do so with very little effort.

When you sign up for this course, I'll send you an analytical and data-driven approach to growing and scaling almost any type freelancing business.

So, if you want to become a freelancer and you're ready to get hustling to make it happen. Enroll today and I'll see you on the inside.

Now get after it!

Brett Dev

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