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WordPress Website Design

Web Development

Website Development is my bread and butter, in particular WordPress development. All the bells and wistles included; I code custom themes, plugins and pretty much bend WordPress to my will on a daily basis.

WordPress Website Design

Data Driven Marketing

Big data, conversion tracking, Facebook pixels and Google Ads (video ads are where it's at, but shhhh...) With data-driven marketing and effective conversion tracking, we can grow your business almost overnight.

WordPress Website Design

SEO and Branding

Organic is dead (or so they say) the internet is now pay to play. Actually, organic is more alive than ever. Google is still the largest search engine and a huge driver of web traffic. Top Level Keywords are a little more tricky.

What My Clients Are Saying

  • Brett is a pleasure to work with and nothing seems too complicated. If you don't understand something, he makes sure to go the extra mile to ensure you do - keeping you posted each step of the way when working on a project. I always knew what was happening and when to expect progress. Couldn't recommend enough for his attention to detail and high quality work - it's refreshing to work with someone who has a genuine pride in the work they do. Thanks again Brett.

    Jason Fredrick

    Financial Ombudsman Services

  • Brett has managed Pole2Pole Magazines graphic design and website including its e-commerce development making the company very successful around the world. Brett updates the Pole2Pole Magazine website each year and is currently rethinking our brand strategy. He keeps our online membership model running smoothly.

    John Meredith

    Pole2Pole Magazine

  • Brett rocks. Knew more than we needed him to. Investigated alternative solutions to problems and gave us a choice and knowledge to support the decision we were making. I now have a high-performing WordPress website, integrated with our marketing automation. Brett is totally recommended.

    Johnny Walker

    Magnus Walker Recruitment

Some Recent Projects I've Worked On



  • Just need some quick adjustments to your site?
  • Wanting to test the waters to see how I work?
  • Help experimenting with and validating an idea?
  • These take about a day.



  • Building a site with a pre configured theme?
  • Need large adjustments made to a website?
  • Looking to up your game with 3rd party marketing integrations?
  • 20% discount (5 days for the price of 4)


Heavy Hitter

  • Building a custom site and theme from scratch?
  • Need unique custom functions built into your site?
  • Serious about ranking in the search engines?
  • 40% discount (4 weeks for the price of 3)


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. I am an actual developer.

Yes, I have an extensive background in online marketing. I’ve been working in the field of SEO and inbound marketing for a long time. I actually became a developer (way back in the day), so that I could build high traffic authority sites without hiring someone to help.

Yes, I deliver detailed tracking reports of all time spent on projects, along with invoices and break downs of your retainer balance.

Yes, often times when an individual is motivated enough and has the time and/or the resources to dedicate to their business, a lot of marketing activities can be taken care of in-house. I regularly take strategy calls with clients and act as an advisor/mentor to their marketing campaigns.

No. I do not outsource any of my client work. Development and marketing is my passion, and so, I remain in the trenches. I do, however, have an accounts manager and others around me who assist in my day to day business operations. Freeing up my time, so that I can focus on my client’s projects. In the case of a larger project where more man/woman power is required, I will enlist the help of my close friends (those who I know can get the job done). You will be notified and this will be confirmed with you beforehand.

I charge for my time. Once I’ve estimated how long your project will take you can go-ahead and easily reserve my time upfront.

Due to already having a large volume of clients, I only accept retainers for my time upfront. I have a sophisticated system in place to manage those retainers and ensure full transparency of work completed.

Projects timelines can vary depending on the requirements. Click for a free quote and tell me more about what you're hoping to achieve.

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Sorry, It's not Quite Ready Yet…

We are still working on this course. Enter your email below for an exclusive early bird discount when it’s released.

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